What is mediation?

For anybody involved in any kind of dispute the first thought is usually seeing a Solicitor with the intent of eventually taking the other party to court whether this is at work or outside work.


Such highly expensive, stressful and time-consuming action is not usually necessary. No matter what the nature of the dispute, if all parties are open to exploring alternatives to court or formal processes then a solution can be reached which saves everybody involved a lot of stress and time and, in the case of legal action, avoids thousands of pounds in costs. 

When should I consider mediation?

So many people spend a lot of money and suffer from a lot of stress before considering mediation, and usually they wish they'd done it much earlier in the process - especially when they consider the impact on their health and their pocket when the Solicitor's bill lands on the door mat! Due to the cost and stress that can be avoided the simple answer is the earlier the better.

Is mediation voluntary?

Yes. There needs to be a desire by the parties involved to explore options for a resolution, otherwise mediation will not work. If you're determined to go all the way to court no matter what we'd suggest you save the cost of mediation as you'll need to put it towards your legal costs for court.


The voluntary part of mediation is critical. We'd go so far to say that if you're only attending mediation as a box-ticking exercise please go somewhere else, as there are plenty of mediators who would be happy to take your money, but we work hard in helping people who want help to resolve their issues.

If we can't agree in mediation can I still go to court?

Yes. Mediation is not about compromising your principles. It's a process that can be entered into with no commitment and it does not stop you taking the other party to court (or employment tribunal) should you not reach an agreement in mediation.


Importantly, mediation is "without prejudice" which means should you proceed with your originally intended legal action the content of the mediation can't be disclosed and won't influence a Judge. This means that you can tell us anything in mediation and it will not be shared with the other party or anybody else.


Is mediation expensive?

On average a full day's mediation will cost around the same as your first 2 hours with a Solicitor, so is extremely cost-effective when compared to taking legal action when an agreement is reached (over 85% of cases).

Is mediation stressful?

We would never pretend that mediation itself is not without a level of stress, as the reason why you're in dispute in the first place is emotive. Whilst mediation is a formal process, we carry them out in a very informal manner and one of our main aims throughout is to reduce the anxiety of everybody involved. Talking to us in a relaxed and friendly manner in a conference room with coffee is certainly far easier than being cross-examined by a Solicitor in the dock in courtroom or employment tribunal! The conversations that we have with you are confidential and between yourself and the Mediator only - sometimes you will not even see the other party but that is a judgement we make with you. We will never force you to do anything you don't want to do. This would be against our ethos

Who would do the mediation?

We have a mediation panel. All mediators are fully qualified and accredited through the Civil Mediation Council. Read more about our mediators.

You can read more general detail about mediation by scrolling down this page or click on the appropriate link to find out more specifics about workplace mediation (for any issue as an employer or employee) or civil & commercial mediation (any issue outside work - eg a dispute with a builder's quality of work, somebody hasn't paid you, a dispute with your neighbour, etc). 

If you would like to read more about how the process works please read our code of conduct for Mediators which, although it may look like a bit of a boring read, will explain the professional code under which all of our Mediators operate.

If you have a dispute that you feel could benefit from mediation please give us a call, send us a message on our enquiry form or drop us an email and we'll talk about how we can help.


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.

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