Alongside individual coaching and mentoring, we offer a number of development sessions for leaders within organisations, all of which are customised towards the needs of your people. Below are some of our most popular areas of development, but we can of course create bespoke interventions depending on your particular requirements:-

Absence Management

Absence is a continuous challenge in many organisations, and it's a subject that we're passionate about. Having driven significant improvements in a number of organisations, we can identify objective and impartial data-driven root causes of the issues, which are not usually the causes that business leaders expect. We can re-write policies if required but, most importantly, we can develop leaders and employees in this often emotive but critical area for everybody in the organisation. 

Resolving Conflict / Reducing Grievances

As qualified mediators we can help leaders to deal with employee disputes and grievances. Having led large teams ourselves we can share our experiences of transforming cultures and eliminating unnecessary grievances. These sessions work equally well for line managers and HR professionals and, depending on the working relationships and culture, also work very effectively if employee representatives also attend.


From communication to engaging methodologies

In most organisations communication is an issue when you ask employees, and in many respects you'll never get it 100% right - we even come across people who complain about too much communication. We can help to look objectively at methodologies utilised, but more importantly the people giving and receiving the communication - we all know it's often not what you say it's how you say it. Just a few minor changes can have significant results.

Working with Trade Unions

We tend to run this for Managers who are unfamiliar with Trade Unions or where relationships aren't going well and the organisation doesn't feel ready for the session below. Sometimes the relationships, culture or nature of concerns do mean that a separate session is required first in order to better understand the different (but often surprisingly similar) roles and challenges.

Managers and Trade Unions - Leading Together

These sessions are held jointly with management and Trade Union teams - they are very interactive, usually involve lots of constructive debate and are usually great fun despite some initial nervousness. The purpose of these is to spend time together as key influencers in the business and to explore not only the roles being performed, but also the various interests that people have which can result in positions being taken. These are not sessions for just attending - they're action driven and, when the contributions are open and honest, they're a great catalyst for cultural change.


If you'd like to know more about the services we offer please don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form opposite and we'll respond quickly.


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