"I've known Pete for almost ten years. During that time he has dealt with a number of significant employee relations issues as well as some national level negotiations. Pete has managed these situations extremely professionally, ensuring buy-in and taking time to ensure understanding of all parties to achieve the right outcome for all concerned within reasonable time frames. Pete has a good working relationship with trade Unions which has been proven in different work places across the country"

"Pete has the rare ability to be able to interact with people at all levels. He is a great listener and a great member of any team. He is a genuine person, not interested in the politics, what you see is what you get and he never gets stressed as he has the ability to deal with all situations. I enjoyed my time working with Pete and owe him for helping me develop my style of management and for his constant support over the years"

"The industrial environment was highly challenging in terms of the demand for cultural change. Pete was at the heart of the drive for change and was able to use his excellent interpersonal skills to foster relationships with both unions and increase collaboration and performance. Pete is a highly competent leader but is also a down to earth guy whose characteristics are essential to any highly performing team"

"Pete is a no-nonsense, direct and straight forward HR professional who enjoys and embraces change - and gets it done!"

"I had the privilege of working with Pete during a significant period of change. Pete was tasked with negotiating and implementing the most radical and ground-breaking Modern Working Practices agreement ever achieved within Rolls-Royce.  Pete utilised his Lean / Sigma skills to ensure waste was removed from the process, keeping customer and business objectives at the forefront of his mind"

"Pete and I were colleagues within an executive leadership team.... he is commercially savvy. His excellent communication skills and tactful manner enabled him to build strong relationships with all of the executive team members and to influence us to work more effectively as a team. I always found Pete to be an empathetic listener who was never afraid to express his views and it was a pleasure working alongside him"

"Pete's great strength is the ability to communicate with multiple layers of the organisation and enable individuals and teams to understand complex issues to achieve great outcomes. He is a very trusted individual by both the trade union representatives and management teams to deliver pragmatic solutions to the complex problems faced in modern manufacturing"

"I have worked with Pete over a number of years during which time he provided me with excellent support and guidance, in terms of supporting me in a management role and also providing me with some personal coaching. He is approachable at all times and quickly gets to the root of an issue and provides considered guidance based on his knowledge and experience. He operates with integrity and has my complete trust as a valued colleague"

"Pete is the consummate professional - pragmatic, honest and passionate for doing the right thing. I have particularly admired his work in Employee Relations where he has had great impact in establishing effective working relationships with our Trade Union community. He has extended this capability equally well into other relationships, notably senior leadership and shop floor leadership - making him a highly impactful business partner"

"Pete always had a smile and was extremely helpful and supporting myself and the other Executives to resolve any people related issues. He is very proactive so as soon as he was made aware of any issue he was immediately "on to it" to ensure that it was resolved as soon as possible. I have to say that I really enjoyed working with Pete and I was saddened when a reorganisation resulted in him moving away to another business unit and it was certainly our loss, his replacement could certainly not live up to Pete's standards"

"Pete is a reliable, trustworthy and dedicated individual. He has a breadth of understanding and appreciation when it comes to managing and supporting large scale businesses with complex people challenges. Pete has built critical credibility and experience from his previous roles being a senior operational accountable leader in his past work experience. He is a genuine people person and builds effective relationships quickly and with ease. At the same time, he has the confidence and resilience to take hard decisions when required"

"Pete is a capable, engaging professional who is able to bring a number of stakeholders together to achieve a common goal. He brings calmness to difficult negotiations and works in a methodical manner, overcome obstacles to achieve a consensual outcome. I found Pete to be supportive, non-judgemental and someone who considers all perspectives in steering conversations or negotiations to a mutual conclusion. Pete is one of those sorts of people who sees things through to the bitter end. A pleasure to work with"


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